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In this context, cognitive analysis of the text is discussed in several discussions of schemas, cognitive metaphor, metaphorical individuality and its motifs. . By reading this kind of critique, in terms of mapping the system and the flow of linguistic cognition to the intellectual world and drawing the structure of the poet's poetry can be achieved. . This study shows how the linguistic elements and prominence's of language and the orienting schemas and metaphors that are the foundations of cognition can relate the form and content and beliefs of the author to the automated language and prove that similarities And the similarity of the examples of this theory in the discussion of schemas and metaphors in these three poems of Shafiei Kadkani is obvious and it can be seen that the form of these three poems is in proportion with the currents of formalism which is the output of the foundations of cognitive linguistics. . Evidence shows that in addition to the presence of directional metaphors and different schemas in Shafiei poetry, the occurrence of several schemas and metaphors on a similar text has been created and metaphors, in addition to modernity in the flow of the text, They have not given a clear ideology. In this research, samples are extracted from the Shafiei Kadkani poems in accordance with this concept. This article has been done by descriptive and analytical method. احمدنور وحیدی حسین سلیمی بشیر علوی ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4 The Image of Imam Ali (A.S) in Persian Language and Literature Among the infallibles (A.S), the high and heavenly personality of Imam Ali (A.S) has had a profound effect on the souls and lives of noble and righteous people; because the spiritual and personality dimension of this Imam is beyond time and place. In the meantime, traditional and modern poets and writers have had the most enjoyment of this effect and have left their love and affection in the form of original poems and prose. In the article, first this issue is addressed among both groups of poets, then in a library research and based on the technique of describing and analyzing the content, an attempt is made to address some of the recurring themes in Persian poetry and literature about the pious master. This study shows the personality of the Mawla-ye Mottaqian (A.S), behavioral and internal characteristics, temperament, some important historical events of his life, his blessed birth, Ghadir Khumm, Laylat al-Mabīt, their relationship with the Prophet, their position in the Qur'an, their martyrdom and ... is one of the most important themes that is more prominent in the poetry of poets. سکینه طالب زاده شاهرخ محمدبیگی ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4 The Conception of Ibrahim Amin Al-shawrabi and Ali Abbas Zalikhe from 32th Sonnet of Hafez Shirazi's Sonnets (Comparative Study) The importance of comparative research lies in revealing the leading technical foundations of modern literary criticism, Literature in different eras does not involve itself, but rather relates to other global literatures. The theory of receptivity appeared in the last decades of the nineteenth century to confirm the presence of the reader, in exchange for a number of statements. The recipient's culture holds great importance in this work, because it is the main tributary in every mental work, because the author needs cultural and imaginative richness to write the literary text. For example; among the recipients who has translated the poems of Hafez Al-Shirazi were the Egyptian writer Ibrahim Amin Al-Shawarbi and the Syrian writer Ali Abbas Zulekhe. We have tried to study the 32th sonnet of Hafez's sonnets and the study of receiving recipients, and to compare their receiving responses. One of the results we have obtained is that recipients had not delve into special meanings, terms, and special titles. Finally, it became clear to us that receiving Al-Shawarbi was more important than receiving Zulekhe; because Al-Shawarbi was aware of the Iranian culture and relationship. However; the conception of Zulekhe in terms of sensations and emotion, it is better to have a smoother experience than Al-shawrabi. فاطمه حوائج سید فضل‌الله میرقادری ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4 تأملات جمالية في هائية الرثاء لوفاة أبي العلاء للشاعر النيجيري الراحل الشيخ محمد الغالي كبر تتناول هذه الدراسة بالتحليل قصيدة هائية الرثاء لوفاة أبي العلاء، للشاعرالنيجيري الراحل الشيخ محمد الغالي، وليس من غايتي أن أفصل القول في هذه القصيدة ولكن غايتي أن أقف عند حد رصد بعض أبياتها المعبرة عن حالات الشاعر النفسية وشرح جمالياتها وتوضيح مدى اتساع حصيلة الشاعر اللغوية وتمكنه في الحقل الإبداعي. وقد انتهت هذه الدراسة إلى أن قصيدة الرثاء عند الشاعر محمد الغالي تتميز بالوضوح والبساطة في ألفاظها وصورها، وجزالة العبارة وحسن السبك، ورصانة التراكيب والعبارات الرشيقة، والكلمات السهلة، واللغة التي تقترب من لغة التخاطب اليومي؛ كانت بعيدة عن الغرابة والابتذال، تجري على لسان القارئ في خفة ويسر وعذوبة، وفي نفس الوقت تعطي إيحاء معبرا عما يختلج في نفسه من أحاسيس الحزن ومشاعر الألم. إسحاق أبوبكر كبر ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4 Manuscript Copy of Bustan in the Algerian National Library This is the only manuscript contained in the Algerian National Library in the Persian language, and it is one of the most precious copies that I had the honor to view. This manuscript is a copy of the original manuscript of the Persian writer Saadi Shirazi entitled "Bustan". Especially, as it is more than a literary book as it contains moral and religious education, in addition to history and a description of the social condition that society was suffering in this time. Through this investigation of the manuscript, I tried to present the history of this copy of Bustan's book that I have in hand. Bachir Nadir Bennia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4 Cross-Cultural Study of Lexical Cohesion in Political Newspaper Articles This study examined the use of lexical cohesion in English political news articles published in local and international English newspapers. To this end, a corpus of 40,000 words (20,000 in each corpus) were randomly collected from political news articles published in international English newspapers (e.g. the Washington Post, the New York Times) and local English newspapers (e.g. Iran Front Page, Tehran Times) from January to December, and were analyzed based on Tanskanen’s classification of lexical cohesion. The findings showed that international English newspapers used statistically more substitution, equivalence, contrast, activity related, and elaborative collocations than local English newspapers. On the other hand, local English newspapers used significantly more simple repetition, complex repetition, generalization, specification, co-specification, and order set collocation when writing political news article. Additionally, there was a significant difference between the two groups in subset of reiteration and collocation. Maryam Farnia Nafiseh Kabiri ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 5 4