Dasien Existentialist Features in Premises of the Ruins of the Suspended Odes

Existentialism, the Premise of Al-Atlal, Heidegger, Possibility, Apocryphal, Collapse.

  • Hanieh Zafarabadi Ph.D. Candidate of Arabic Language and Literature, Shiraz University
  • Seyyed Fazlollah Mirghaderi Professor, Arabic Language and Literature, Shiraz University.


Existentialism is one of the schools of thought in the history of philosophy which is discussing the humane existence and its importance against the subject existence in the nature. Martin Heidegger is a pioneer of this tradition who began the discussion on existence through studying human existence or Dasien, as the only creature asks about existence. Heidegger believes that what helps human to a better comprehension of Dasien existence is that his attitudes establish on the base of a formation of existence; i.e., being-in-itself. To achieve this pure existence, Heidegger reverts to human existence (Dasien) or to his being-in-itself and explains three special features of human including passiveness or possibility, collapse or apocryphal which relate human to existence and so he has named these features existential. Existentialism has a long deep relationship whit Arab literature, and in this article, the premise of the Al-Atlal has been taken into consideration as one of the most basic subjects in Arab literature in connection with this school of thought. The Researcher tries to specify Existentialism features in the premise of the Al-Atlal of the Suspended Odes in barbarism period. Finally, the reader will conceive that these three features are reconcilable with the premise of Al-Atlal of Suspended Odes.



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