Towards a Critical Cognitive Linguistics

  • Elmellakh Mhammed Professor of Arabic linguistics and Discourse Analysis. Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco.
  • Peter Stockwell Peter Stockwell: School of English Studies, Nottingham University, UK
Keywords: Cognitive Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Conceptual Metaphor, Embodiment, Mind, Body.


This paper asks whether the Cognitive Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis share any common basics and investigate a possible synthesis between them. The Critical Discourse Analysis can make the cognitive framework self-reflexive and more oriented towards the social context, reinforcing a contextualized analysis of meaning. The Cognitive Linguistics models can offer tools to Critical Discourse Analysis for theorizing analytical concepts like metaphorical representations and context. Furthermore, a synthesis will be a possible option if the two disciplines share a common domain. The accommodation must be made at the level of theoretical inconsistencies.
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Mhammed, E., & Stockwell, P. (2019). Towards a Critical Cognitive Linguistics. LANGUAGE ART, 4(2).