The Ancient Persian “Engraving” by V. Bryusov: The Ekphrasis “The Lioness among the Ruins”

Tatiana Anatolievna Dyachenko


This article is devoted to the genre of the architectural ekphrasis in the poetry by V. Bryusov. The article describes the main ways to create “engraving” of the literary work of “The Lioness among the Ruins”. Much attention is given to the verbalization of the oriental architecture (in particular the ancient Persian architecture) in the ekphrasis and the poetry rapprochement of the ancestor of Russian symbolism V. Bryusov with acmeism poetry especially the “architectural” literary works by O. Mandelstam. The article is of interest to post-graduate students, degree-seeking students, and can be used in writing thesis and term paper.


Ekphrasis, Oriental Architecture, Engraving, Verbalization of Architecture, Image.



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