Auxiliaries for Terminological Definition, Applied Models in Arabic Linguistic Dictionaries

  • Amro Mohamed Madkour
Keywords: Linguistics, Dictionaries, Term, Definition, Synonyms, Antonyms, Referral.


The definition is a primary means that connects the concept with the term. On the one hand, the definition may link this process and clarify the relationships within the network of perceptions. On the other hand, it may fail to achieve its goal or may be unable to attain it on its own. Therefore, the lexicographer resorts to auxiliary means that link the concept with the term. Among these auxiliary means are: synonymy or antonymy that shows relationships within a terminological system, as well as representation, drawing, diagram, image, and reference. The research studies a number of Arabic linguistic dictionaries, as well as linguistic dictionaries translated into Arabic to show their position on the use of auxiliary means, and the role, which these auxiliary means play in clarifying terminological definitions. The results of the research show that the dictionaries that employ auxiliary means for terminological definitions provide a clear and precise explanation of the concept. As well, these dictionaries outline the terminological system within a specific scientific field.
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