The Definition of Arabic Linguistic Terms in Dictionaries

  • Amro Mohamed Madkour Assistant Professor, Qatar University, Qatar
Keywords: Linguistics, Dictionaries, Terms, Definition.


This research studies the terminological definition of Arabic linguistic terms in dictionaries, by explaining its characteristics, importance, conditions, and the shortcomings of some dictionaries when it is tried to link the concept with its definition by defining the concept. There was also a practical study for a set of Arabic linguistic dictionaries or dictionaries that have been translated to Arabic. The research begins by defining the terms (Term and Concept). Then it addresses the definition of the term (Definition) and sets its sections between different types of logical definitions, and multiple linguistic ways. The definition then highlights the term defined in a certain scientific field, and through a tree of terms for the work in topic. The research introduces Arabic linguistic dictionaries, which includes a definition of its terms (the research subject). Then it discusses the conditions of the definition that the lexicon must adhere; for the definition to be scientific, accurate and clear. The research continues by studying the faults in some dictionaries, analysing different examples of each of these faults, and working to develop solutions to avoid them.
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Madkour, A. (2019). The Definition of Arabic Linguistic Terms in Dictionaries. LANGUAGE ART, 4(3).