Symbol in Ali Fouda's Poetry

  • سید فضل الله میرقادری ؟
  • محمد حسن جلیلي خریج الدكتوراه في اللغة العربية وآدابها في جامعة طهران
Keywords: symbol, poetry, Ali Fouda, Palestanian.


Symbol is a means of expression, indirectly, feelings and opinions and things and constituents and thoughts and emotions and cultures, and that the use of the symbol remains closely linked to the imagination of man's consciousness and spiritual and mental tendencies, where it become a way to express all aspects of human activity, intellectual and cultural expression of life and actuality indirectly and technically, to explain about life and to reveal the realities and what the poet can not be proclaimed or declared his thoughts to obligate colonialism and occupation to resort to code poetry or prose, and many Palestinian poets chose this method to express through it their issues and their concerns and their ideas about the Palestinian people Championship and his prowess in defending its land and its homeland and its resistance to the enemy with determination and strength and persistence and a challenge to extract the right and the return of the homeless Palestinian people to Ordah. One of these poets, martyr Palestinian poet ,Ali Fouda , used symbols in his poetry. This research discusses about in the poetry of Palestinian poet Ali Fouda through curriculum descriptive and analytical manners and poet is taking his symbols from various images as the nature, the legend, the animals, the colors, the persons.
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