Symbolism of the Element of Fire in A. Bely’s Lyrics

  • Наталья Николаевна Сыромля Киевский национальный университет технологий и дизайна
Keywords: Russian Symbolism, Symbol Fire, A. Bely


The article is dedicated to linguistic analysis of symbol Fire in Russian poet-symbolist A Bely’s lyrics. Symbolic meanings of the element Fire is studied from linguistic and linguoculturological points of view. There defined mechanisms which allow to express both traditional symbolism of “Fire” and the individual author’s meanings, they are collaboration of mythologemes and archetypes with the symbol explicated in the text with a proper word, in our case with the word “fire”. The subject of the studying in the article is on the one side traditional symbolism of the element Fire conditioned by German-Scandinavian mythology. Archetypes are represented with binary oppositions actualizing the semantics of vertical direction, ambivalence, animism and anthropomorphism. The author’s symbolic meanings are expressed according to his rethinking of the myths and archetypes in the nearest surrounding of the symbol in the texts.
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