Analyzing the Connection between Functionalist Ideas and Thought in Creating Works of Art

  • Reza Kiani Assistant Professor of Institute of Comprehensive and Specialized Population Studies and Management
Keywords: Social Sciences, Functionalism, Work of Art, Society


Functionalism is one of the most important and fundamental theories in the social sciences, that its impact of can be traced to many events and phenomena of human life. The basis of this theory is very simple: the causes of phenomena are in the role and task that are responsible for. In other words, the foundation of functionalist thought in society is based on the principle that the continuity of social relations and Social section on the role and mission which play in society. Although this concept is one of the modern concepts of social science, the truth is that functionalism has a very ancient record in the history of human thought. On the other hand, art - in the general sense - is a phenomenon whose origins go back to the creation of man and has never been far from the material and spiritual life of man. But in the meantime, there is always a fundamental question. The question that this article tries to find a concise answer to without any prejudice and judgment is: How did art enter human society and what did happen that made a person to think of creating works full of beauty, creativity and innovation? The results of this study showed that art is always the product of its environmental conditions, even if that art is beyond and more advanced than its society in terms of form and content. In other words, there was a deep and close connection between the work of art and the artist on the one hand and society on the other.
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