Silent Language and Its Function in Successful Relation

  • روح الله صیادی نژاد
Keywords: Silent Language, Foreign Culture, Teaching Second Language, Arabic Language, Context.


Language is a communicative instrument in peoplesʼ lives in the society, but it’s not the only instrument for communication. People have other non-lingual instruments called Silent Language which its function is to make communication. This language have a constructive and crucial role in types of communication in people's lives. Almost 30-40 per cent of our methods of communication are verbal, and around 60-70 per cent are non-verbal. The research method is descriptive-analytic in which non-verbal communication aspects like kinesis, proxemics, chromatics, turn taking, paralanguage, silent language, and Maptic system have been studied. This research indicates that the relations in the Middle East especially in Arabic countries are based on context and unfamiliarity with the other cultures leads to failure in communication. Since the difference of sovereignty in Arabic countries is so clear, the distribution of speech turns in this culture is based on individual characteristics such as age, social place, and power. In Arab culture, less attention is paid to time in contrary to western culture. In talking to Arabs, they incline to make closer their body to the hearer; however, this, in relation to the distance in western culture during speaking, tends to motivate the sexual feelings and enmity.
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