Tense, Agreement and Word Order Variations in Natural Languages. A Minimalist Approach (Towards a Unified Theory for word order variations)

  • رشید بوزیان Professor of Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences-Arabic, Language Department, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar.
Keywords: Tense, Agreement, Functional Categories, Strong features, Weak Features, Generative Syntax, Minimalist Program.


This paper sets out to re-examine the justification for assuming in MP (the Minimalist  Program ) that Features of the functional categories are said to be either strong or weak with respect to their visibility at  the interface. Strong AGR features are visible at PF if they are not checked off before the interface. Weak features are not visible at PF. By examining this hypothesis, I clarify the process by which the V-features of Tense and/or Agreement in verb-initial languages such as Arabic, Irish and other similar languages might be strong, and there are solid and reliable evidence that leads to believe that Verbs in these languages are forced to raise from the Verb Projection prior to spell-out generating V.S.O Word Order Paradigm. Regarding the subject and Complements of verbs in  these languages (Verb-Initial L)  , it is strongly  believed, based on a variety of  empirical evidence, that they remain in  their original position within the V-Projection domain  until after spell out when the N- features on functional heads are weak.


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