NLization with EUGENE: A UNL Approach

  • Neelofar Hussain Wani King Khalid University
  • Sumaira Nabi National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India
Keywords: UNL, NLizing, Kashmiri Language


“Universal Networking Language is a computer language created to represent and process information across language barriers (Uchida, et al., 2001).” The process of text conversion and text deconversion is carried out by two components of the UNL system i.e. IAN (Interactive Analyzer) and EUGENE (Deep to Surface Structure Generator). The purpose of the present work is to implement the EUGENE tool for NLizing the UCA-1 corpus (corpus available at This work is a first serious attempt to incorporate Kashmiri language in the UNL, thus paving a way for the development of a Machine Translation System for Kashmiri language.
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Wani, N., & Nabi, S. (2020). NLization with EUGENE: A UNL Approach. LANGUAGE ART, 5(2), 103-118.